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We help kids as well as grown-ups who are suffering from Velocardiofacial Syndrome. Whether it is a clinical requirement, educational requirement or any other type of support, our volunteers are always ready. We leave no stone unturned to make sure they live a happy and healthy life.


We also aim to raise awareness about Velocardiofacial Syndrome and educate people about it. We also give advice to the government, educational and medical institutions to uphold the interests of people having his syndrome and their families. We try our level best to make their life a little easier.


Our foundation also takes part in various researches regarding the Velocardiofacial Syndrome in Queensland and other parts of the country. We consult with international experts on this matter to find innovative ways to help every individual. We use the finding of our research to educate the people.


There are many VCFS Clinics in Queensland that provide medical service to children and young people who are suffering from this syndrome. Our foundation provides support to such clinics in more than many ways. Besides our in-house professionals providing assistance, we have volunteers helping people with Velocardiofacial Syndrome.

For the last many years, our foundation is making tireless efforts to improve the condition of the kids who are suffering from this syndrome. Velocardiofacial Syndrome is a medical condition that is genetic and varies from child to child. These problems can range from an opening in the roof of a person’s mouth to a cleft palate. It can also include a number of other defects in a child, like problems fighting infection; heart defects; low calcium levels; a distinct facial appearance; varied learning problems; differences in the how the kidneys are formed and work; and feeding and speech problems. Our team can help you diagnose these symptoms through clinical examinations and observing the child for all these signs and defects. Our dedicated volunteers have built a strong network between the VCFS and their families with clinics, governmental and educational institutions.
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Get Information Important Upcoming Events

Understanding VCFS 5th July

We are organising an event in Brisbane city that will focus on the basic understanding of the Velocardiofacial Syndrome. If you want to help your kids, family members or a friend, who has this Syndrome, you need to have some knowledge about it. Our expert will explain the Syndrome in the simplest way.

Treatment for VCFS 9th July

Treatments are available for people suffering from Velocardiofacial Syndrome, but the treatment will be based on the type of symptom. In some case, supplements are enough, while in other case, surgeries become essential. We are organising an event in Sunshine Coast in this context.

The truth of Genetic Disorder 1st August

Any kind of syndrome is a result of a genetic disorder. Therefore, it is essential to know about it. In our upcoming event that we are organising for the people of Gold Coast, we will focus on this particular subject. Our knowledgeable experts will explain how about the genetic disorder and Velocardiofacial syndrome.

Need for Surgery 22nd August

When a person is suffering from Velocardiofacial syndrome, various health issues can occur. However, surgery is not required all the time. If you want to know when exactly VCFS sufferers need surgery, then you should attend our event that we are organising in Sunshine Coast.

Staying Physically Active 4th September

Kids and grown-ups who are suffering from this syndrome should stay physically active. We are organising an event in Brisbane City, where our health experts will explain how its help. They will also emphasise on the type of activities a person should follow.

Dealing with Difficulties 25th September

People with VCFS face various difficulties in their daily life that includes learning problems feeding, and speech problems. If you want to help a person, then you need to know the correct approach. In our upcoming event that we will organise in Gold Coast, we will focus on this issue.

Let’s Work Together The VCFS Foundation improves the treatment, diagnosis, and quality of life of people affected by Velocardiofacial syndrome through developing a society empowered by education, advocacy, and research.

Know Us Our Foundation

VCFS foundation works relentlessly for the development of kids and grown-ups with Velocardiofacial syndrome. We work throughout Queensland and cover places like Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. No matter what goals you have, what your dreams and hopes are, we will always be there for you in every step of life. From medical treatment and providing speech, feeding and learning therapies to educating people and raising awareness, we try to help a person in every possible manner. We want people with this syndrome to feel at ease about this condition and know that there are more people who suffer from this and thus can relate to others. We help families discuss and deal with their feelings and thoughts and guide them through the treatment process.

In order to educate the parents and other family members of people who have this syndrome, we frequently organise various events. After attending the events, you will understand the problem of Velocardiofacial syndrome and the health issues related to it. You will get to know about the treatments, the requirement of such people, the difficulties they face and ways to improve their lifestyle. We organise the events in various places in Queensland.

We are backed by a team of volunteers who make every possible effort to help people with the syndrome. Our volunteers are qualified, and most of them are directly or indirectly linked with the medical industry. So, they understand the significance of providing the right treatment and therapies to such people. We have more than 140 volunteers who are from different parts of Queensland but working together to elevate the condition of kids and grown-ups with this syndrome.

We have successfully helped many people with the syndrome because we have a strong and extensive network. We are closely associated with various government, educational and medical institutions in places like Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast so that we can promote the interests of people suffering from this health issue and their families. Because of our excellent network, we successfully provide these people with what they require at the right time.

Our Strength Our Most Experienced Volunteers

Thomas Brown

Thomas is working with our foundation for its last many years and help by understanding the mental states of such people and their behaviour.

Emily Taylor
Social Activist

Emily is a social activist and working with the VCFS foundation for last many years. She coordinates with medical, educational and government institutions.

Jack Wilson
Social Activist

Jack is also a social activist who keeps track of people who have this syndrome and need any kind of help or support from our foundation.

Grace Johnson
Speech Specialist

Grace is with us from our initial days, and she helps kids and grown-ups who have this problem and find it difficult to talk.

Join Us Become a Part of our Community

If you want to help the people who are suffering from Velocardiofacial syndrome, then you can join our community. As we are extending our hands to more and more people in need, we need the help of volunteers. If you believe that you have the intention and ability and enough time to do something good for these people, then you have become a part of this community. We are always looking for people who can dedicate their time and care to people who really need it in their day to day life. Come be a part of this beautiful journey where you can help people and children with this syndrome and spread joy in theirs and their families’ lives. You will bring a smile to so many faces and feel like spreading more joy and make the world a better place. You can become our part in three simple and easy ways.

Contact Us
Call us or email us to share your basic details like name, address, location, profession, etc. we will schedule a meeting with our experts. You can also come to our registered office and schedule a meeting with our representatives and also gain more insights into our working.
Talk to the Experts
Our experts will have a word with you about your ideas, educational background and will share their views. They can help you learn more about Velocardiofacial Syndrome and how they can provide assistance to people suffering from the genetic disorder and their family members.
Know Your Role
You can join us as a volunteer and know what role you will play. In other words, join you will help the people and the community. It is a great experience for most people because it increases your sense of purpose and help you help others selflessly.
Educational Institutes
Medical Institutes
Government Institutes
Happy Families

What You Missed? Our Latest Events

14 May
Velocardiofacial in Australia

In this event, our experts explained the effect of Velocardiofacial syndrome in our country and how things can improve in future.

Our Testimonials What People Say

Solve the Issues Most Common Problems in Velocardiofacial Syndrome

Health Issues

People with this syndrome often have heart defects, a cleft palate, etc. We provide the best treatment to such people.

Unable to Learn

We offer information about therapies that can help the kids to learn and understand in a better way.

Unable to Speak Properly

This syndrome also causes speech problem in kids. How community help such kids with their speech.

Unable To Behave Appropriately

Social behaviour is also a problem with such people; we know the best ways to change things properly.

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