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VCFS is a reliable platform that educates and informs people about 22q11.2DS or Velocardiofacial Syndrome. Our contributors include health experts, psychologists and social activities. They leave no stone unturned to help a person with this syndrome. All our members are not only experienced and very knowledgeable but also have the intention to do something better for such people. Our platform was launched a decade ago with the intention to raise awareness about the disorder because most people don’t know about it. 22q11.2DS is a common disorder but education about is poor. Therefore, our platform is dedicated to being a one-stop platform for all information related to VCFS.

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Get To Know Us Our History

VCFS was started a decade ago by a group of people who once looked for information and education for better understand about 22q11.2DS or Velocardiofacial Syndrome. There are thousands of children, teens and adults with VCFS or 22q disorder. Today, we are one of the largest platforms in Australia, educating thousands of people who have this syndrome or know someone who does. When we started our journey, we only had a couple of contributors, which has gradually increased and now it is more than 500. Moreover, we have also associated with much more healthcare and medical professionals for raising awareness in comparison to our early days.

We want to help and encourage people who have this syndrome. Our platform tries to reach as many people as possible in Queensland to help them gain access to verified and trustworthy information. We also want to help newly diagnosed people with VCFS by being a one-stop destination all important information regarding the syndrome and how it affects quality of life.

We want to build a community where all the people will get equal opportunity as much as possible, even if a person has Velocardiofacial Syndrome. We want to help every kid and grown-up in Queensland and other parts of the country, who find it difficult to talk, eat, learn and unable to behave properly. As a community, we always want to stand with them in every big or small moment of life.

Over the years, our efforts have paid off as more and more people use our platform to learn about VCFS. Owing to our popularity, we have emerged as a trusted website for gaining guidance and education regarding 22q11.2DD which is a genetic disorder. Many people get scared after a diagnosis but we work to sooth those fears and help you realise you are not alone.

Our Strength Our Core Team Members

Dr. Vance Green
VCFS Specialist

Vance is an experienced healthcare professionals who has helped many children overcome VCFS & lead better lives.

Dr. Ronda Kew

Often VCFS patients suffer from heart defects and Rhoda has helped correct many with surgery. She has extensive knowledge & helps contribute to the platform.

Jacey Pen
Social Activist

Jacey’s twin daughters have VCFS and he understands the pain of families with VCFS patients. Therefore, he contributes to raising awareness about the disease.

Martha Johnson
Speech Therapist

Martha’s son has 22q11.2Ds and his speech is significantly affected by it. Thus, she was inspired to become a speech therapist and help kids with VCFS.

Connect With Us We Help in Every Possible Way

Our platform is always ready to educate and inform the people who have this syndrome. From heart defects and weak immunity to a cleft palate and complications related to low levels of calcium in the blood. We have a team of knowledgeable contributors to raise awareness about VCFS.

We Provide Information
After a new diagnosis, navigating through the sea of information on 22q11.2DS or VCFS is challenging. We strive to minimise that challenge & offer reliable information.
You Are Not Alone
1 in 100 people have VCFS and knowing there is platform for educating and raising awareness about gives hope to so many people.
We Research Thoroughly
Our dedicated volunteers research about this syndrome properly and thus, they come up with various facts and solution that help in a person’s treatment.
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Our Testimonials What People Say

Helping People Our mission is to create a more aware and educated world about VCFS & its complications.

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